There are many parents who struggle with everyday challenges, raising children, working and trying to fit everything in 24 hours day.
This series of articles is for you. Parents of young children, parents of kids with ASD and parents who sometimes doubt the validity of their experience. I will cover subjects from funny stories, relationship issues to struggles with a school.
As a mother of a 10 year old girl who lives with Autism, Turner Syndrome, ADHD and, recently acquired, Bell’s Palsy, I, my partner and our daughter have been on quite a journey these past 10 years.
I would love to share with you anecdotes from our journey, because while we have made plenty of mistakes, and will no doubt make many more, we have learned that being mindful, particularly of big emotions like anger, frustration, rage, denial and despair, has really helped us to stay calm, focused, positive and responsive toward our daughter and her ever-changing needs.
I hope that sharing my experiences may validate your own experiences as a parent of a child or children with additional needs and provide some tools for taking back control of situations which may seem overwhelming, frightening or hopeless.
I would also like to share with you tips and pointers from others with expertise in mindfulness practice and will actively source relevant and current information from the web, printed sources and interviews for you to consider.
Please stay tuned and take part in my journey of becoming a more mindful parent.