The Rainbow Frog


For ages 0-12 years

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For ages 0-12 years

HThe Rainbow Frog Book

“It’s just so easy to sit, and focus on your breath, a little bit. The troubles of the day, drift easily away, with magic in its place, and a big smile on your face.” -come on a journey with The Rainbow Frog, who will show you a way to feel calmer and happier each and every day, with simple Mindfulness practices, Guided meditations, Relaxing Music, Story and Song. Suitable for the young and the young at heart. Written by CIndy-Anne Macdonald Illustrated by @Daria DiCieli. Available soon via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign will be your ticket to pre-purchase the book and help fund the additional products by pre-ordering them. Such as the Album, Song Book, Guided Meditations and more. Check out the Music Video on the website and send us your feedback.

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